Can’t get enough of interior design before and afters? You are in the right company!


I’m Marieza and I constantly decorate, redecorate, renovate and remodel my home. Usually on a very limited budget. That encouraged me to learn new DIY skills and save a ton of money. Which only translates to more for the next project! I love heels and makeup as much as the next girl but I can also rock the construction worker look. 


Who is Marieza?


I was born in South Africa, where I lived for the first 40 years of my life before moving to Canada with my husband and two teenage daughters. 


Finishing my Batchelor of Arts, I had dreams of pursuing a career in publishing. After my first soul-crushing desk job, I realized that that’s just not for me. I needed to work with my hands. The need to create and transform was unstoppable. 


In 2007 I also completed a diploma in interior design. 


I have been renovating furniture and homes for the last 20 years. First in South Africa and now in Canada. I can tell you that the way houses are built in the two countries, are worlds apart. (See what I did there?). Think brick and mortar vs wood and sheetrock. Quite honestly, I prefer the latter. It’s just SO much easier to work with!

Fun facts:

  1. English is not my first language. I speak Afrikaans to my family and it was in fact my major at university. 

  2. I currently live in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains and I am loving it! 

  3. I have three cats and a small dog that rules our household.

  4. My favourite saying: “Hold my beer!” In reality, I do not even drink beer and I don't do stupid and dangerous things as the saying implies. I use it in a fun way instead of “challenge excepted” when people think something is near impossible. 

  5. My husband and I decided to renovate our unfinished basement and do every single thing ourselves. Learning as we go along. We are still busy and you will read more about the basement in future blog posts. He doesn’t enjoy DIYing nearly as much as I do, but he is looking forward to having a hobby room once the basement is finished.

  6. My favourite holiday is Christmas and you will definitely see a lot of posts about decorating, baking and gift ideas. I’m already excited just writing about it!

I believe a home is a neverending project that should reflect the personality of the people living there. It should be your safe space where you can put your unique stamp. Our current home is not an old money pit that needs a total makeover, but there are more than enough planned projects to keep me busy for quite a while. 


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