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DIY wall decor and other inexpensive ways to decorate your walls

Updated: Apr 13

DIY arts and crafts are a great way to decorate your walls when you're on a tight budget and original art just isn't an option. Instead of opting for something that belongs in a dentist's office, why not create something unique?

With a little bit of imagination, you can most definitely create something unique. The last thing you want is for your arts and crafts to scream: "made in China" or "I've been to Michael's." Don't get me wrong, I love Michael's and they most certainly have lots of cool stuff you can utilize. Just please don't buy a planned out craft project that doesn't need any imagination.

Antique and second shops are some of my favourite places to scout for furniture and smaller items to decorate with or use in craft projects. I especially love frames made out of reclaimed wood. Some of my favourites are made from salvaged baseboards. Giving something old new life in the form of something else fascinates me. Throughout my home, you will find frames full of nail holes and beautiful textures peeking out through specs of flaky paint remains. Below you can see some examples:

For the background of these, I used sheets of scrapbooking paper, available from any craft store. Scrapbooking isn't a hobby I have tried yet, but I have always been in awe of all their beautiful and diverse designs. It's one of those things I just can't help myself from collecting. I think these crafts might have originated from me wanting a purpose for my collection of paper!

The possibilities of what to mount on the paper, are endless. I also have a thing for antique silverware and what better way to display them? The frames with cutlery mounted in them are ideal for kitchens and pantries.

The one below is my favourite and also the only one too big for a single sheet of scrapbooking paper. Because I chose to use a check pattern, it was easy to hide the joint.

Ones with the silverware replaced by wooden hearts (or any object for that matter), break away from the kitchen theme and can be beautiful in any room.

Other inexpensive ways to decorate your walls:

  • We all know that original art is king, but what if you only have a few small pieces and don't want them to drown in a sea of empty wall space? Easy! Pair them with other inexpensive decor pieces to create a gallery wall. Your original art will shine like beauties they are.

  • Mudrooms can often be a bland or overlooked space. Something as simple as displaying your favourite pair of boots, a colourful scarf or even a pretty purse can blow a bit of life into this functional space.

  • Craft rooms and crafting spaces are the ideal places to let your imagination run wild. These paintbrushes from the dollar store cost almost nothing and ad a beautiful pop of colour on a little sidewall.

  • Signage that defines the purpose of the room can be a fun and playful element. Please do not add these to every single room! One or two in your home is more than enough. Everybody knows what to do in the powder room, no need for instructions.

The letterboard in this photo can add cheer to any room. Few people can resist leaving a quirky comment!

I hope you feel inspired by these ideas and that they will feed your imagination to create a home you love. Please feel free to leave a comment a little further down. If you would like to see more of my DIY projects and home decor posts, please subscribe over on my home page OR at the very bottom of this page.

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